In this page, general descriptions of weapons in Siegius Arena are listed.

There are 3 types of weapons in SA. Heavy weapons, dual weapons and shield weapons. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the shield weapons have a lot of defense but is the weapon type that deals the least damage, while Dual weapons deal the most damage (to lightly armored enemies) but have the lowest defense.

Heavy weapons
In SA, the Heavy weapons are slow but deal good damage, while being able to ignore most armor makes it very effective against heavily armored foes. Heavy weapons build toward a well rounded character. You might have trouble chaining hits together.

Dual weapons

In SA, the Dual weapons are very quick and are the most damaging (against lightly armored enemies) weapons in the game, but normally having no defense build toward a heavily damaging (against lightly armored foes) , but somewhat fragile character. Dual weapons are very effective against lightly armored foes.

Shield weapons

In SA, Shield weapons give the most armor, but deal the least damage, which builds for a tough, but not as damaging character. These are effective against protecting from heavily damaging foes. If you find yourself dying a lot, then you might want to use a Shield weapon.